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Bariatric Surgery reviews

It is human instinct to read reviews before trying something new. Therefore, it is understandable to wish to read bariatric surgery reviews in order to have a full understanding of what you are getting into.

IndiCure, along with its extensive experience and knowledge is popular in providing world class surgeries at affordable rates. We have a track record in delivering successful surgeries with personalized touch and care.

Our clients have always been happy with our services and their weight loss surgery reviews tells it all.

I found out about IndiCure on the internet. I was looking for an alternative hospital to the large complexes that I was familiar with as privacy was important to me. I got a very fast response from IndiCure and was soon able to obtain all the necessary information that enabled me to make a final decision to come to India for my surgery. I found that the IndiCure chosen Doctor who was to attend to me to be a top specialist am entirely satisfied. I fully recommend IndiCure.
Nancy, USA

This is my second trip in India for a procedure and what i love about the IndiCure is that it gave me a chance to meet the greatest doctor that i can dream of Indicure made it possible for me to achieve my dream at a great length when i was not even sure that I can find it as a complete package anywhere for a foreign national who has absolute knowledge of the country, IndiCure made it possible to encourage, provide accurate and absolute information with best doctor with integrity, honesty, compassion and intellect will i come back Absolutely yes! Do i recommend anyone? without hesitation! They represent the modern era of customer service with the best medical facilities and doctors
Alvin, USA

Its one year on since I had my gastric bypass surgery and I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you at IndiCure who helped me on this journey. I am convinced that you saved my life - it wasn't worth living before and although of course I still have medical problems, losing 56 kgs has made a huge difference. You took care of me superbly and I now have a great love of India and everyone who made it possible for me to have a new life. Thank you so much.
Martina, USA

I am delighted to give an account of my experience with IndiCure for medical purposes. Firstly prior to arriving in India, the email communication and skype online discussion were effective and very professional upon arrival in India. I was well received and settled in all right. The medical appointments were swift, through and doctors took ample time explaining the techniques and treatment needed. I was picked up for my appointment first until i felt compatible enough to enter out courageously by myself. The treatment and operation was professional and after care reasonably good although not may helping staff are knowledgeable in english which helps a great deal in pain

Overall IndiCure has lived up to my expectation and delivered a high standard. I am utterly satisfied with the results from my operation. I would like to express my gratitude to IndiCure and team for making my medical trip possible (success) and for all the help given where in need especially for foreigners who has come to India for the 1st time.

Thank you God Bless
Joel, USA

My first visit to India for medical reasons. All my appointments and medical surgeries were fully achieved on time and doctors were very professional, caring and had time to provide me with explanations and what is to be expected. I was kept informed of the appointments, pickups and what to do next. I am very happy and will definitely inform my friends and colleagues to pay a visit to India for Bariatric Weight loss or medical attention - thank you very much as you made all my dreams come true
Sandra, USA

It was one nice experience for me. IndiCure is best facilitator in India and providing best hospital treatment with lower cost a very nice team work every body knows his duties & responsibility which is wonderful
Tahir, Ethopia

Thank you so much for the excellent service. I will recommend you to my friends, who may be interested in similar medical procedures.
Noel, USA

Excellent service, kindness and good services from the hospital - Thank you from the heart for everything.
David, UK