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Lap band surgery

Lap band surgery in India is one of the both expertly performed and cost-efficient. It is a restrictive procedure where an adjustable gastric band is placed to restrain the flow of food intake. The pouch in upper part of stomach is created with a stoma, so that your surgeon can control and adjust to regulate rate of weight loss as per your requirements. 

image showing Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap Band) bariatric surgery procedure

Undertaking you lap band in India comes with huge cost savings and is also performed by the best bariatric surgeons at hospitals and clinics that equal their European and American counterparts.


Men and women between the age group of 18 - 60 years with a BMI of 35 or more, suffering from obesity related issues like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc., are likely candidates for Lap band surgery weight loss. If you weigh more than your ideal BMI or are 100 pounds over, then you could opt for this procedure. However, it is necessary that the candidate understands the surgical procedure, is mentally sound, emotionally stable and stern to commit in making lifestyle and diet changes.


A small incision of about 0.5-1.5 cm is made to insert the laparoscope and other instruments. The Lap Band implants is then placed like a belt on your upper stomach. Adjustments will be made to the band after the first four to six weeks, which is done more frequently in the first year, to maintain optimal weight loss.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The entire procedure is completed within 2-3 hours. Thereafter, you are required to be under medical observation and care for at least two days. Another week’s rest to recuperate before you are deemed fit to travel back to your home country.


As lap band in India is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery is usually quite fast. You may feel discomfort for a couple of days but things would be normal within a week. You would be able to resume your routine daily activities in about 2 weeks’ time, though would have to avoid exercises and rigorous activities for 4-5 weeks. You would have to follow a strict regimen diet as per surgeon's and dietician's recommendation for quicker recovery. 

A recovery period of four to six weeks is to be expected. During the course of the first year, the band will be frequently adjusted to regulate weight loss.


The outcome from Lap Band weight loss procedure is highly satisfying. In order to lose maximum weight strict diet, exercise, etc. are a must. The results however vary depending on the initial weight, amount of physical activity post-surgery. You can normally expect to lose about 2 pounds per week and about 50% of extra body within first year of the surgery, though individual results may vary.

Time & Cost

As the procedure is fairly simple, recovery is quick too. The surgery is performed in under 4 hours, thereafter, two nights stay in the hospital is required. Another week of recovery time, before you allowed to travel back home. A total of about 9-10 days is all that’s needed in India for the surgery.

All inclusive* lap band surgery cost in India starts from about 3,600 GBP / 6000 USD / 4710 EUROS and varies depending upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and location in India.

The cost is inclusive of surgery, anaesthesia, FDA approved band, pre-operative investigations, stay at the hospital for specified number of days, medicines and other consumables, food during stay at the hospital and airport transfers.