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Medical tourism services

medical tourism services in India

IndiCure’s expert medical tourism services is ranked amongst the best facilitators of medical tourism in India. Your worries end once you have made the informed choice of getting your bariatric surgery done in India. Our team consists of dedicated members, only the best surgeons and highly equipped modern hospitals. We are known for providing tailor-made service packages to keep you relaxed, carefree and safe.

Our medical tourism guide is very informative, precise and best in the world. We construct a detailed plan and take care of every detail related to your bariatric surgery in India. We provide you with a free consultation once you fill up the inquiry form and obesity questionnaire.


In order to understand and provide you with appropriate suggestions, we urge you fill in the Inquiry Form and Obesity Questionnaire. After having submitted both the forms, we will get back to you over a call or via email. In case you do not receive an email from us within the next working 48 hours in your inbox, kindly check the spam box too. You could also mail in your questions and doubts to info@indicure.com

Our proficient medical tourism guide and case managers are able to answer any and every query that you have regarding your weight loss surgery in India. You are also provided with a FREE CONSULTATION in order to understand and decide on which surgery is the best for you. We provide you all this, even before you leave your home or country.

Planning & facilitation

Since, your medical tourism surgery requires you to travel to India, we at IndiCure strive to ensure your journey is made as comfortable as possible. Your visa proceedings, travel requirements, hotel and hospital stay, surgery related needs, etc. will be undertaken by us. We shall prepare a complete schedule for you to undergo your bariatric procedure with ease. Your medical tourism surgery in India will be like any other holiday trip with the benefit of going back changed and renewed.

Our surgical tourism packages is altered specifically to suit your budget and requirement. We guarantee to make appropriate provisions and be present ever with you during your surgery and recovery.

Post-surgery care

Our expert medical tourism services do not end with the surgery. We make sure you are having a perfect recovery and are satisfied with the procedure. We at IndiCure are eager in receiving feedback and client reviews. It helps us it improving and serving you better. Our case managers will be readily available to provide you with post-surgery aid and assistance.