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Mini gastric bypass surgery

Mini gastric bypass surgery is an effective and standard method to surgically treat morbid obesity. It is a highly effective and affordable technique of Bariatric surgery that yields excellent results and long term weight loss. This procedure is a combination of both restrictive and malabsorptive type of surgery. The food intake is limited by eternal means along with lesser calories absorption leading to weight loss.

image showing Mini-Gastric Bypass bariatric surgery procedure

The biggest advantage gastric mini bypass surgery has over other surgeries is that it is reversible and can be revised in case there is any requirement to do so. Due to this, the procedure has gained popularity both in India and abroad.


You can elect for this procedure if you have a BMI higher than 35. However, if your BMI is above 32 but you are suffering from co-morbidities like Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, sleep apnea etc. you may be a candidate for Mini Bypass surgery. The procedure is generally indicated for people above 18 years of age, however there may be exceptions depending on the case at hand.


Gastric mini bypass surgery is performed laparoscopically where the surgeon makes 4-5 small incisions to insert the instrument. The entire procedure works in two phases. The first phase consists of division of the abdomen. The stomach is divided into two parts, one smaller part which is the functional stomach and the other large second part, using laparoscopic staplers. The smaller functional part of the stomach remains connected to the oesophagus, and is the one which receives food.

In the second phase, the intestine is bypassed. Generally between 2-7 feet of small intestines are bypassed (the duodenum & part of jejunum) depending on your height & weight & weight loss expectation. The bypass point on the small intestine is then connected to the new stomach pouch, which is called anastomosis. Therefore, the food you intake henceforth will go into the small tube like stomach, pass through the upper intestine and then resume its normal route.


Since laparoscopic mini gastric bypass is a relatively simple and less complicated procedure, the down time is less and the recovery is also relatively quick. After the surgery, maximum of 3 days stay in the hospital is recommended during which you shall be under 24x7 medical supervision and nursing care to ensure prefect recovery. Post-surgery, our dieticians would give diet plans suitable for you, starting from liquid and pureed food initially and gradually progressing to solid food. You would also get physiotherapy sessions for your faster recovery.


Laparoscopic mini gastric bypass surgery has received excellent reviews and is considered very safe both in initial stages post-surgery and in the long run. The surgery provides highly reliable weight loss and has complication rate much lesser than other forms of bariatric surgery procedures.

On an average, an individual can lose up to 80% of the excess body weight, however, this may vary.

Time & Cost

The surgical procedure is completed in a couple of hours and about 3-4 days of hospital stay is recommended. After about a week, you would be proclaimed fit to travel by your surgeon and then you can fly back to your home country

The all-inclusive Cost for Mini Gastric Bypass surgery in India starts from as low as USD 6500. Prices may vary depending upon the surgeon, city and facility you choose to get the procedure done.

The price includes stay in a Private Room of a Medical tourism hospital in India for 3-4 days, surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia & anaesthetist charges, all medicines and consumables during hospital stay, 24X7 nursing care, food and airport transfers.