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Weight loss success stories

Real-life success stories is what encourages us in achieving own set goals. Blighted with morbid obesity and other related medical conditions, these individuals chose to reclaim their lives and brought a truly inspirational transformation.

Get motivated with these weight loss success stories, gastric bypass success stories that will inspire you to aim for your own dream. See how they attain the perfect body with successful surgery and kept the weight off with strict diet and dedicated exercise regime.

Layla at the time she approached us, before her surgery:

My name is Layla. I am from UK. I have tried so many diet programs - slimming world, weight watchers, atkins diet, high protein low carb diet, all had same outcome!

I used to like and enjoy all kinds of foods, but it has now been almost one year since I gained full control of what I eat. Despite this I have still not lost more than 4 kg. I used to drink cola all the time, and I have now cut it out completely. I have made a lot of changes but nothing is helping. I have managed to only lose 4 kg and that’s it!!

My gynaecologist has told me the only way that I can conceive and have a baby naturally is to lose weight. My marriage is almost on rocks because I am obese and cannot have a baby.

I am only 36 and at this age when I wish to wear clothes of my choice, go out and enjoy my life, I am always completely covered and shy away from socializing. I love shopping but feel short of breath just walking a short distance to the shop, my weight is not even allowing me to do what makes me feel happiest! I don’t want to socialize, because I am just not happy with how I look. Even my family is not happy with my weight and how I look now.

My biggest concern is that my father has a number of health conditions and my mother is recovering from Breast cancer. I feel my weight at 126 kg is very dangerous. I really really need to lose weight! If it spirals out of control, I will die very young. I want to lead a long, healthy and fulfilling life. I want to have my own baby naturally conceived.

I also desperately want the old me back who was vivacious, social and loved to go out! I wish to lose around 45-50 kg.

Layla underwent Gastric sleeve surgery with IndiCure in Mumbai in August 2013. She stayed in India for 10 days before moving to UAE.

One year after the surgery

I must say I am doing very well. My surgery weight was 126kg and I am currently 77kg. I have 7kg left to lose to get to my goal. I am also 2 months pregnant. :)

I was a UK dress size 24 at the time of surgery and I am currently a size 10.

Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made and as you know it took me a while to decide to go ahead. But am so happy that I did it! I can’t thank you enough for helping me out through this entire journey! I have begun to love my life again. Thank you IndiCure, I shall always be grateful.

I am Susan. I am 56, CEO of a digital company from UK, currently living in New Zealand.

I have been struggling with my weight issues since I was 23. I have literally tried thousands of dieting programs and have been dieting on and off since I was 23.

I have tried cabbage soup diet, low calorie diets & several others. The first one that was really successful was the 1000 calorie fixed diet with loads of exercise, I lost 3 stone to be just under 10 stone but had to exercise 2 hours a day to keep it. Next major attempt was Atkins diet when I lost 5 stone with the help of the Mental Toughness Institute during 2006; this stayed off for 2 years. Then tried lipotrim when my weight climbed – lost 2 stone. All the time in between I dieted constantly on and off.

But I am now too exhausted with all these diet regimens which have not been able to keep my weight loss for good.

Now with the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis I have often been too tired to work, spending up to 4 days a week in bed, and I let my exercise slip. So my weight has ballooned, particularly in the past 2 years. I constantly start exercise regimens and diets but am no longer able to sustain concentration or energy levels long enough to keep it up.

I am most of the time depressed because of my weight and munching is something which most of the time helps me. I will graze all day, if I am feeling low, which is the only way to feel better. I tend to stop mostly when I realize I have something else to do.

I know it is affecting my health adversely and under stress, my blood pressure has risen at times to 150/95.

I own a business that requires long days and a reasonable amount of travel – which I hate doing at the moment. My weight and constant fatigue prevent most of my favourite activities. I feel deeply ashamed that I can’t keep focused long enough to make a difference to my weight. I can’t do my sales job properly, I can’t fit airline seats or safety belts, I feel and look a mess, I can’t walk far, I can’t run at all, and I am sinking into such a depression I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to go out with anyone, I don’t want to have sex, and I don’t want to even look for a partner under these circumstances,

I sometimes feel that my weight and body is Impossible, disgusting, embarrassing, repellent and even life-threatening!

Because my two girls have a very sick father (alcoholic, incapable of good management, cachexic and close to destroying himself totally), and a mother who looks like Jabba the Hut, gets tired all the time, is irritable with pain and also ill and an exceptionally poor role model. At 12 and 14 my girls will be orphans if I don’t pull myself up and get healthier and fitter – at least it will make my fibromyalgia and joint problems easier to manage even if they don’t go away. And while I am not working, in this recession my company is finding it very difficult to survive, which would mean the loss of the income that supports two households. So I MUST do something and NOW.

This is my last resort, and I have to take it.

Susan chose to undergo Gastric Bypass surgery in India with IndiCure in Mumbai in March, 2013. She stayed in India for two weeks before going back to UK.

One year after the surgery

It has been one year since I had a Gastric bypass. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you at IndiCure who helped me on this journey. I am convinced that you saved my life. It wasn't worth living before and although of course I still have some medical problems, losing 56 kgs has made a huge difference. You took care of me superbly and I now have a great love of India and everyone who made it possible for me to have a new life. Thank you so much.

Please see Ms Susan talk about her experience of getting Gastric Bypass surgery in India with IndiCure:

Sarah in her own words before surgery

I am Sarah. I know most people undergo weight loss surgery because they have health related issues. With god’s grace I do not have any such problems, but I don’t feel comfortable & confident in my skin because of being overweight. I can’t wear the clothes of my choice and don’t feel like socialising. I feel very conscious when I see slim women wearing smart dresses. I wish I could also wear them and socialise more.

I have tried lots of diet programs, but nothing has worked for me. I lose weight for few days to regain most of it or even more. I feel bariatric surgery is the solution which shall help me keep the weight off for ever.

A week after the surgery

I recently had a surgery done with Indicure. I just wanted to make sure everyone else knows what a GREAT group of people you have working there. Everyone treated me better than I have ever been treated at ANY hospital before.

Dear Dr., thanks for your expertise and being superb in explaining the procedure to me and respect to your big knowledge and of course most importantly to your excellent surgery done.

I was very comfortable with the entire staff. Thanks as well to the nutritionist for being very compassionated to my needs. I had many visitors from within the staff - from admissions to HR- and all were great and helped me with a speedy recovery and were concerned about my wellbeing. I want to thank the hospital staff for the care I received during my stay.  I have to tell you that every single one of them gave me excellent care & attention. Starting with the doctors, nurses, techs, staff who transported me to and from my room to other areas to get different tests done, even the housekeeping staff was excellent!

I was very well taken care of by all the Nurses. I had so many good Nurses that I could not remember all of their names (I apologize) but the fact is they are very knowledgeable, skillful, and professional some are still a bit inexperienced and need a little more practice and some are a bit shy but all in all very helpful.

Two Ladies however were just simply amazing and deserve a big praise. Even though I was crabby and in a rather bad mood on the 2nd day after surgery they showed only patience and caring. I commend them highly! Please let them know what a consummate professional they are! Mrs. SIMI and Mrs. JISHA – “I wish there were more nurses like you... thank you.”

I thank all the Dr.’s at the hospital that took pride in healthcare and it is because of their dedication, knowledge, professionalism, and compassion that I was able to go home so soon.

Everyone made sure I had everything I needed and that I was comfortable. Please let everyone know how truly special they are and that their kindness and respect was greatly appreciated!

A great group of people at the Hospital. Also appreciated the follow ups to see how I was doing. Keep Up the Great Work. Thank you!

And to top it all, thanks again to Ruchika and IndiCure, who made this possible for me. I was so sceptical initially about the surgery itself, about getting my bariatric surgery in India. I was really very scared. But your assurance, assistance and help made all this very easy. I must say I feel indebted to you and would always remain so for your kind advice and help. Thank you so much!

Two years after the surgery:

After my great experience at the hospital, I was sure I would have a good surgical outcome also. So here I am after reducing 64 lbs & almost 85-90% of my excess weight as per my doctor. I am really glad that I finally underwent the surgery & I have never felt better in my life!

Please see Sarah talk about her experience of getting sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India with IndiCure:

Dr Brigette before surgery

I have been struggling with weight for many years. I have tried all kinds of diets. I have tried the Atkins, fruits, cabbage soup, mention it, HCG, etc. It seems like every time I work hard to lose weight, I lose a little and gain twice as much after that. I have had blood pressure on and off and have had knee problems because of my weight. I currently weigh 102kgs and I am 5’6”.

The weight is affecting both my personal & professional life.

I can’t walk or exercise much, because of pain in my knees & only swimming usually does not hurt my bones but I also don’t swim anymore because I cannot bare anyone seeing me in a swimsuit! This is a kind of vicious circle where I cannot exercise because of my weight, which is leading to all the more weight gain.

I have a low self-esteem and almost do not want to appear in social places or meeting up with friends. I don’t like how clothes look on me and I am always wearing sweaters to cover my big behind.

I absolutely feel that bariatric surgery is the last resort left for me & it will change my life. I have young children who I feel are missing out on activities because I don’t have the strength or confidence to do things with them. I will also feel good about myself. I am also ready to lose weight permanently without having to go through the yoyo diets. I don’t think they are healthy for me.

I worry about what I keep doing to my body when I go through yoyo diets. I am afraid every time I visit the doctors and my blood pressure is up. I want to have a longer quality life and I think the weight loss surgery will be the first & most important step towards achieving that.

Dr Brigette during her stay in India

Today was a great day. Thanks for all the help I got from your team members. I underwent many investigations today & am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. 

I found the surgeon very nice & helpful & I am sure of a great surgical outcome with you people.

Dr Brigette 6 months after her surgery

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the help that you awarded me during my plans for India last year. 

It has been very busy and thus my silence but my but my health is superb.

Wanted to let you know that all has been well and from my treatment I managed to loose over 30kgs in just 6 months. I am still 1.5kgs away from my goal and have plateaued for a while. I love how I look and feel great health wise.

God Bless you & keep up the good work of helping people.

Dr Brigette talking about her experience of Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India:

Lauren Wheelwright before her surgery

As far as I can remember I have been overweight. Thinking back about my life, I realise that I was always on a diet cycle, like at 14 I did with the help of our GP use some medication, lost about 20- 25 kg and continued it for some time before I started to put on more weight until I was about 118, then I was like a year on Weigh less in South Africa and also lost about 15 kg that I could keep off until I started to study, and stopped exercising and ate hostel food and cheap café food.

Then I was part of a study group that was testing a weight loss medication, lost about 20 kg and kept it off through vigorous exercise and carefully watching what I was eating, but then my working conditions changed and I had to move to a very rural area with no exercise and started putting on weight again. Took 2 years to lose that again and then last 3-4 years I did post graduate studies and just stopped exercising and looking for what I was eating, so now I stand at 147kg.

That is board actions, between them in was fab diets, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Special diets at Doctors surgeries, etc.

If I have to describe myself, I would say - Ugly, too big, uncomfortable, I feel like big big pig.

I don’t really have energy, at 6 o clock in the evening, I only want to go and sleep, eating something affects me severely, puts me to a deep sleep.

I am most days in pain from my knees, shoulders and ankles. I can feel that it affects my liver. I am on my way to get diabetes something that is not genetic in my family. The constant tiredness is getting over me, my movements are limited, it is unbelievable the difference between 120 and 140 kg’s!

My social life is completely disrupted, my friends are angry because I am becoming a total introvert, don’t want to go out or meeting new people and places. It is greatly affecting my work opportunities also.

My quality of life is not what I want it to be, my weight has started to have an influence on friends, work and my life. I was really fond of travelling & camping & now have to plan around my weight; like going for camping, I need a special chair and mattress.

I am also getting discouraged about the constant dieting, yo-yo weight loss and picking it up slowly but surely. These are just some of the reasons why I want to go ahead with the surgery. I know that this operation is only a support to weight loss but it is also one of the most successful ways of weight loss.

I want to have a better quality of life for the years that I still have left over!

Lauren 1 week after her surgery

Thank you very very much for all the support you gave me in the last few months, answering my questions and to give me the experience I had at the hospital, with such good care. It would not be an exaggeration to say it was more than I expected!

Myself, as a previous Nursing sister, working in Private Hospitals in South Africa, promised myself that if I feel there is something not right or I am uncomfortable with, I will cancel the surgery, my safety was more important & I would not like to risk my life. But there was not a moment when I thought that something was out of order, thank you for that.

The care was overwhelming, to be truthful and tell the people that I would have never received such good care here in South Africa. Like in India, every department was very good. The gastrocopy was a bit of challenge but that was also not their fault, rather my memories of student days, when I worked with a very rude doctor in training, who did not have any compassion for the patients. So to have one sedative was daunting, luckily it was quickly over.

Then I always thought that people who admire their surgeons and think they are heroes do not know the truth but now I think my surgeon is my hero, for his skills, concerns, care was amazing and I am really thankful that he was my surgeon.

My friends still wanted to see me in bed the week when I came back, & could not believe how good I am looking and especially one of my friends, I had to tell her to stop calling, I am good, I am at work. I am sure it would not have been the case if I was not discharged at the right time, i.e when I was pain free and comfortable with taking fluids. That did make a lot of difference and I am very thankful for that.

So only want to say thank you for making this possible, it was an unbelievable journey, the medical part now over, to start with the diet part of it and I am sure I would also find the right people on the right time on my journey.

Please see Lauren Wheelwright talk about her experience of getting surgery done with IndiCure:

Lauren after an year of her surgery:

Sometimes when I think back, I cannot even believe I did have the courage to do something so extreme, in another country, far away from home. But you made it possible & now I feel like an altogether new person. I do not have to think & weigh before I eat, my body itself gives clear signals of how much & what to eat. I have lost more than 54 kg & still losing.

I can’t thank you enough for changing my life!

Amina before her surgery

I am Amina, currently working in Sydney, Australia. I have tried all sorts of diet plans and programs - GNLD, EDMARK, WELLNESS, TAKEN PRESCRIBED PHENTERMINE AND B12, AND DETOX PROGRAMMES, I’ve lost quite some weight but also added it back after a period.

I am only 32 and suffering from diabetes, shortness of breath, morning headaches, day time drowsiness, restless sleeps, low back pain, pain in joints and sleep disturbances - all thanks to my weight of 90 kgs.

I feel that my weight is horrifying. I’m constantly tired or sleepy during the day, which adversely affects my work. Except my work, I avoid any form of social activities. I’m naturally a very active person, however I find this weight issue weighing me down and taking me progressively away from the things I love to do.

My father passed away because of his cardiac condition & diabetes. Very recently my mom had a hip replacement surgery and has suffered arthritis for so long. Everybody in my family is obese & have so many health conditions. I don’t want to continue my life like them, I believe if I control my weight I will live normal and healthy life.

She underwent Gastric sleeve surgery in August 2012.

On her Arrival in India

I am so glad that I made a decision to come to India with IndiCure. I must say that you guys are the perfect example of customer care relationship.

My decision to go ahead and deal with IndiCure (and even introduce them to another friend) came solely because of dealing with you personally and your availability to respond to whatever concerns I've had in record time. I MUST say that your customer service has been impeccable. Although I got in touch with the hospital you introduced me to directly, I have explained my preference to stay with IndiCure/ Dr Ruchika and told them that I was still coming to their clinic because it came highly recommended by you.

After the surgery

The surgery went very well. The doctor has been excellent and it’s just been 3 days and am up and moving around. I plan to leave India in another 3-4 days and this has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I could never ever have imagined that undergoing a SURGERY could be such a smooth and easy process, all because of you guys. I am thankful indeed and would recommend you to one and all looking for bariatric surgery in India or any other treatments that you have to offer.

Like I mentioned in the video, I would rate you 10 on 10 for the services you provide & 100 for the good work that you are doing!

Amina’s experience of undergoing surgery in India:

One year after the surgery

I have lost 22 kgs in an year and am well maintaining my weight. I am feeling so good. This surgery has given a new boost to my life. I feel much more confident, have become social and feel like going out. All my health issues have resolved, including my diabetes! I feel much healthier and happier than ever before. A lot of credit goes to you at IndiCure who helped me all throughout and made this entire trip possible and successful for me.

George before her surgery

I am from US. I have tried all kinds of diet programs. I lose weight quite fast- 10 days of dieting and I manage to lose 7-8 lbs, but the problem is I regain the weight equally fast. As soon as I stop dieting, I regain all the lost weight, rather gain some more. I am tired of doing this.

I was diagnosed with diabetes long back in 1998 & have high BP since 2000. It has been so long that I have been contemplating for a serious solution for all my health woes since I am just sick & tired of it. My doctor has clearly told me to lose weight else there is no hope.

I searched on the internet and found IndiCure who offered affordable weight loss surgery in India with best bariatric surgeons. After I got in touch with my case manager who got me connected to the surgeon, I never felt the need to contact anyone else and look for any more options for my procedure.

George underwent Gastric bypass surgery in December 2009.

Two weeks after the surgery

I had a safe journey back home, and at the moment taking some rest in preparation for my forthcoming travel to Europe. I am recovering fast and feeling much better in my body.

I must say that I have no regrets & happy to have such a great surgeon who operated on me. He was most helpful & one of the best doctors I have come across.

Mr. Mathew, the customer care officer who guided me through every detail from time of arrival to departure did a splendid job in making me feel secure and served with care and concern.

On a further note, I am impressed by the standards and services of the hospital. The doctors, nurses and entire staff does an excellent job in all aspects, with a real sense of concern.

15 months after surgery

I am all praise for my surgeon who did an excellent job. I have lost 116 lbs to be precise & continuing to lose weight. I have still a long way to go, but I am sure I will achieve my targets.

Mr Larry’s experience of getting surgery in India: